January 20, 2006

Dancing with the stars, season two

I'm not going to run a weekly commentary on the new season of Dancing with the stars like I did last summer (1 2 3 4 5 6), but I do plan to check in from time to time.

It's pretty amazing, quite frankly. With the exception of the surly guy that got eliminated the first week and the big galumphing elephant that will hopefully get eliminated tomorrow, the talent here is quite good. There is definitely significant competition at every step along the way. So far, I have agreed with nearly everything the judges have done, except for their curious love affair with Drew Lachey, who is far from bad but not nearly as good as the judges make him out to be.

This week was certainly the women's week to shine. All four of them were better than all four of the men. Even Freaky Lips Lisa looked good out there; hers was the only jive that really had the triple-steppy bounce of the dance down. And that's a dance to show off the follower, and a hard one to follow—she picked a hard task, and really did well at it. (Probably a wise choice, as I don't think her tango would be as good.)

The top three performances of the week were the other three women, though, and Giselle got totally rooked on her tango. From a non-dancer perspective, I'd love to see the final dance-off come down to Giselle vs. George, because they both have the wittiest banter and play off each other very well. But as good as he is at the dancing, she's got him beat, and she got my online vote this week.

Not needing my help at all were the other two women. Stacy's tango was so sharp, I was sitting in my living room shouting at the TV: "Holy cow! Look at her head snap! Oh my God!" Good choreography and good song choice, too. The judges were surprisingly negative in their commentary, and I had resolved that if she got anything less than a 27, I'd have to throw something at the TV. No need, although I still think it deserved even more. Tia's, then, was just as precise, and she had the emotion and aggression the judges claimed they wanted, and she threw in some positively gorgeous Argentine moves that really enhanced everything, so I thought she'd have to tie or beat Stacy, though there again I was slightly disappointed.

So much good dancing! The elimination choice this week is easy, and I hope the audience doesn't screw it up, because I can't take another week of "Master P", and I feel really really bad for his partner, who is a real trooper. But after he's out, there are still seven left and it will be genuinely hard to decide who I like least. At this point, they've all given some really good performances, and it will start to come down to consistency, I think.

(And when I think, geez, these guys have only been dancing for a month and a half, well, that just makes the outcomes that much more impressive and enjoyable!)

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Posted by blahedo at 1:53am on 20 Jan 2006
I'm such a total dork. Last night, as we were watching, I turned to Greg and asked, "Is Don writing this up in his blog? 'Cause I can't wait to read it." I've gotta agree with you for about all of it. As to the judges' Drew-love, let's look at it this way; he's probably the best dancer of the men. His personality is something else, but his body is in the best shape, and I expect he has an easier time getting the idea of the dances. And his jive was certainly better then many I've seen out of the silver groups at college comps. After her rhumba last week, I'm completely in love with Stacy. Those legs just go on for miles and miles! But yes, I think Tia's tango was just amazing. (And yeah, I'd LOVE to look that good a few months after popping out a baby.) Lisa scares me, even if her body is very impressive. And I re-watched Giselle's ending leap last night three times. Last season, there was only one person I wanted to win. And I spent several minutes ranting at the tv when things didn't turn out as expected. But this season, I can't make up my mind. There are several real contenders. As soon as Master P(athetic) is kicked out on his ass, I can sit back and really start to enjoy things. Posted by Carrie at 8:50am on 20 Jan 2006
Just to follow up, Carrie and I used all of our phone-in votes (2 cellphones + 1 VoIP phone times 8 votes each = 24 votes) for Jerry Rice. Not because he was wonderful, but because we wanted to do our best to make sure that he gets more votes than "the big galumphing elephant" so we can be free of him. Cripes. There weren't any other interested male celebrities anywhere to replace his son? And I feel for Ashly. The poor girl got two waste-of-flesh partners in a row. (Okay, Joey wasn't all that bad, but he consistently annoyed me.) I wonder if she'll even bother with the next season. Posted by Greg at 9:07am on 20 Jan 2006
Saw this today on one of my RSS feeds; thought you might be interested. "Ballroom dancing no longer means stepping on someone's toes at your cousin's wedding. What was once considered stodgy has become sleek, sexy — even cool." http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/story?id=1567801&CMP=OTC-RSSFeeds0312 Posted by Kelly Martin at 7:05am on 3 Feb 2006
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