January 19, 2006

Thank goodness for spam blockers

Good heavens. This blog has been blessedly free of comment spam for a very long time, and I had mostly forgotten its existence. Aside from the only-slightly-annoying bot blocker question to post a comment. But I just checked the logs and there have been twenty attempts to post spam comments just since midnight. In the nearly ten months since the start of this logfile, there have been more than 12,250 attempts to post comments (a few of them legitimate, obviously, but most not).

Jiminy cricket, that's a lot of spam that's been blocked.


Posted by blahedo at 1:56am on 19 Jan 2006
Please adjust your spam-blocker so that it accepts verification once per post. When I'm posting a comment, I essentially always preview first. Sometimes I preview multiple times. It's nice that the question is irrelevant on preview, but it would be nicer still if, upon answering it correctly in a preview, one was not asked again when deciding to actually post. Posted by Greg at 9:11am on 20 Jan 2006
That might be nice, but the application is not stateful, so it's hard to implement. (My extension is stateful, so it knows what question you're answering, but it's not capable of correlating multiple sessions.) Sorry. Posted by blahedo at 12:49am on 21 Jan 2006
Maybe just make the catchpa active on 'post' and not on 'preview'? James Posted by ansible at 2:49pm on 22 Jan 2006
Well, in terms of verification, that's already true. If you mean that the captcha shouldn't even be present if you're only previewing, well, how can I tell if you're only previewing? Posted by blahedo at 3:16pm on 22 Jan 2006
OK, I was thinking it was necessary to answer the catchpa even when previewing. Perhaps I was confusing this site with another one. Posted by ansible at 6:06pm on 28 Jan 2006
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