September 22, 2005

On the passage and observation of time

This morning, my alarm went off and I snoozed it a couple times, as usual. And at one of the snoozes, I leapt out of bed: "holy crap it's twenty after already!"

I flew around my usual morning routine, feeding the dog, taking a shower, etc, glancing frequently at my watch and noticing the time bleed away: 25 after, half past, .... Finally, about the time I was looking for my shoes, I realised I was already officially late for an appointment at my office. Dammit, I need to get better about not snoozing the alarm.

When I hit the road with my bike, it was already a quarter till, and I think I made a physical grimace. Cruised into my office at about ten of, and was mildly surprised not to see the student I expected to be waiting there. Ok, whatever, check my email.

I send and receive a few, still no student, and I'm thinking about whether I can duck out for breakfast, and I look at my watch again. My first class isn't until noon and, wait, why do I have more than two hours? I should have less than that.

And it is only then, almost an hour after I got up and about twenty clock consultations later, that I noticed the hour---which was one less than I thought it was.

So, if ever you needed evidence that people reading clocks really only look at the minutes most of the time, and fill in the rest, there you go. In any case, now I have time to duck out and get breakfast. :)

"Verbs don't work! Verbs don't work!" --Andrew McClain

Posted by blahedo at 10:03am on 22 Sep 2005
Wow, we REALLY are related arent we. Last year I fell asleep between choir and advanced calc. i had an hour. ...I woke up with a start and someone told me it was half past. I sooooo thought i had slept alll the way twenty minutes into my class. nope. i had just nodded off for like 10 minutes. So I tear into my classroom.... to see NOONE from my class, slowly back out Freakishly embarassed and then look to see that I am 40 minutes early for class. yeah . we are related alright. Posted by kathy at 9:46pm on 22 Sep 2005
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