September 21, 2005

More recordings...

Thumbs-down has definitely changed the sorts of things Tivo recorded for me during day 2. Today we have:

  • All in the family
  • The Andy Griffith show
  • King of the Hill
  • Grace under fire
  • Living single
  • MAD TV
  • The nanny
  • Happy days
  • ATHF

This is so fun.

"Republicans are as capable of great ideas and moving the country forward as anybody else. They just don't do it." --Alan Alda

Posted by blahedo at 10:33pm on 21 Sep 2005
To be fair it is fun with two or more people and a whole bunch of channels. Kelly will be doing something at her computer, Vernon will be puttering, and I will be going through the list. We discuss the close ones, celebrate the good shows that are back on and finding the really odious shows to vote down. You can find good documentaries you might never see. Are you going through the suggestions as well as the tivo picks? Try a wish list or two. We did one on Agnes Morehead. It was great, she is in some good movies and her name is not always listed in the blurbs. Posted by lee at 6:38am on 22 Sep 2005
Wishlists are great. I've been waiting for Get Smart to be shown on some channel (probably TVLand) some time. Man I loved that show. Anyway, I have a wishlist. I am confident that if and when it gets played, I'll get it. Whee! Now that I think of it, i should add Dangermouse. Or Danger Mouse. Hm. Posted by Greg at 8:36am on 22 Sep 2005
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