June 20, 2005

What a novel idea!

I just sent an email to someone I knew from Brown, congratulations about getting a book chapter published. The response reads as follows (identifying information removed):

Subject: Returned mail: see transcript for details

----- All mail to xxxxx is being AUTOMATICALLY DELETED -----
Your message bounced.
(reason: xxxxx needs a break)

----- Transcript of session follows -----

procmail: Refused to save
550 5.1.1 .... User exhausted

Daemons have decided to destroy xxxxx's mail so that she may rest without fear of returning to the dreaded INBOX. All messages sent to xxxxx from May 28-July 3 2005 will not be delivered. If it is still important, contact xxxxx again after July 3. Perhaps, if you feel so inclined, invite the Daemons to visit your server so that you too may rest without email.

----- Do not resend until after July 3 -----

Say bye-bye. Your message has just found a new home in /dev/null. ::wave:: bye bye cute message.... bye bye....

Maybe I'll have to try that sometime....

"There's only one person who cannot walk away from your problems." --Vernor Vinge

Posted by blahedo at 2:20pm on 20 Jun 2005
Vernor Vinge, he is wise. Posted by Kimmitt at 1:11am on 21 Jun 2005
that is absolutely the most clever thing i have seen in quite a while. i like it. Posted by kathy at 7:46pm on 26 Jun 2005
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