June 17, 2005

I continue to love Galesburg

The scene: sandwich shop in downtown Galesburg, on East Main. Our protagonist enters and stands in the "line", looking at the menu whiteboards.

OWNER #1 (working cash register): Hey, how's it going?

PROTAGONIST: Pretty good, yourself?

O1: Doing fine.

OWNER #2 (making sandwiches): Hey, I'll buy your lunch if you run across to the bank for me.

PROT: Uh, okay... what did you need?

O2: Singles.

O1: Here you go. (hands PROTAGONIST two 20s and a 10)

PROT: Sure, um, be right back. (exits)

(minutes pass)


PROT: Here you go. (Hands O1 two paperclipped stacks of 25 one-dollar bills.)

O1: Thanks so much. What are you gonna have?

"A simple antiphon sung or heard quietly and repeatedly is easier to learn, remember, and even apply to daily life, than a three-verse strophic hymn. Advertising agencies apply this lesson well. Parish music ministries ought to consider it---is not the "product" we "advertise" much more valuable than, say, cat food?" --Aristotle Esguirre

Posted by blahedo at 2:36pm on 17 Jun 2005
Cool. I continue to fall in love with working downtown. My building connects to the pedway. Not as friendly as your story, but a miracle of convenience. Posted by lee at 5:59am on 18 Jun 2005
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