October 30, 2004

Lazy day

I haven't left the house today except to walk the dog.

I feel kinda bad, because the Knox County Dems were running a bunch of last-weekend-before-the-election stuff, and I was going to go help them out. But it's so hard to get myself motivated on that, when the fed elections are all pretty well set---Evans in the 17th, Obama in Illinois, and Kerry for IL's electoral votes. And the local ones, which are just as important and on which I could have even more influence, I can't bring myself to care about. *sigh*

Instead, I slept until noon and spent the rest of the day doing laundry, cleaning, and typing in a couple of knitting patterns. Now I'm going to sit here and watch three hours of animation. Time well spent. :)

"Wait, vegans won't eat honey!?!? I mean, for goodness sake, they're bees. There are trees that are higher on the evolutionary scale than bees." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 10:12pm on 30 Oct 2004
Still looking for the rest of the pictures--especially the afghans and the playsuit :) It was a lazy, windy day here.. Posted by Mom at 10:39am on 31 Oct 2004
I don't understand how vegans can not eat honey, but eat apples and other crops that only survive with the help of bee labor. Posted by lee at 7:11am on 1 Nov 2004
Have you seen the voting guide put out by The Paper? I don't care much more about the locals, but at least I have some idea who these people are now. Posted by Chelsea at 11:20am on 1 Nov 2004
http://www.littledee.net/ knitting is part of today's strip. Posted by lee at 5:33am on 2 Nov 2004
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