October 27, 2004

Continuing exhaustion

My teaching load this term is no heavier than the last two---arguably quite a bit lighter than in the Spring, actually. So why is it that I feel so much more strung out this time around? I'm having the most difficult time trying to keep up with my grading, being now behind by one full homework in each class and looking at a project coming in this weekend.

Oh yeah, and I need to put together a packet of info for the Faculty Personnel Committee about why I should be signed for another two years, by... Friday. It's mostly done, but the stuff I have left keeps getting deferred by, "I need to write a lab for tomorrow!" or "I'd better refresh my knowledge of TCP/IP before I have to lecture on it in three hours".

The worst of it is, I'm not even procrastinating that badly. (You'll notice the plethora of recent blog posts.)

"Kerry is not the ideal instrument, just as a rubber raft is not the optimal vessel on the open sea. But when the ship is sinking, you can't be choosy." --Steve Chapman

Posted by blahedo at 9:55pm on 27 Oct 2004
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