September 27, 2004


For a couple days I'm dogsitting---Mom & Dad are visiting Kathy in Ames, and they dropped off Cinnamon at my place. It's interesting seeing the two of them interact; they really have very different personalities. I don't remember this happening when Nutmeg visited my parents, but I think he's a little jealous of when I give attention to Cinnamon....

And Cinnamon is much more canny when it comes to getting into things. Nutmeg has for months been successfully blocked in the kitchen by the simple expedient of leaning a card table in the doorway. Cinnamon instantly figured out that he could stick his nose in the narrow gap between the bottom of the card table and the door jamb. Even after I blocked this gap with my wine rack, it took him less than an hour to charge the bottom of it to make it tip over.

Today, I pushed the card table flush with the doorway and held it up with a chair (with a heavy box on it to prevent him from moving or jumping on top of it. Also, I again pushed the wine rack to block where the gap used to be before I pushed the table flush. I'm still not sure how, but in the six hours I was gone during the day, he managed to move the wine rack out of the way and pull the card table back, enough to give him and Nutmeg room to wander the apartment.

Tonight, before I left to supervise the programming contest practice, I put another chair in front of the table. So now there's a collapsed card table, two chairs, and a wine rack blocking this doorway. It worked! We'll try it again tomorrow.

It is not necessary to say anything the opposite of which is absurd. --Clive Moss

Posted by blahedo at 11:22pm on 27 Sep 2004
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