September 26, 2004

It worked!

My little plan that I hatched seems to have worked beyond my wildest imaginings. I figured, more people would sing in church if I made a specific point to ask them, and if we practiced. And if we worked the music in gradually. So this week I gave a short little speech before Mass, sang the Holy Holy, exhorted the congregation to sing it with me, and then went back to the choir.

Not only did the whole congregation sing it during the Mass, we also had much higher than usual participation in other songs, like offertory. It was amazing! I can't believe something so simple worked so well.

In other news, an odd juxtaposition: I got an envelope in the mail with three peelable stickers on the front: "Free lunch", "Free love", "Free issue". It was a typical mail offer---if I wanted to get a risk-free free issue, I affix the third sticker to the enclosed postcard and send it back. At the top of the blurb, it says, "Did you make the right choice?" All pretty standard fare, right? The text of the blurb begins: "If you like making up your own mind, Utne magazine is the magazine for you..." Nice. They let you make up your own mind, but only one choice is correct. :)

"He tried to kiss me. And he kissed like a PEZ DISPENSER! His head fell back 180 degrees, and his tongue popped out!! Like I'm s'posed to give him Communion!!" --Judy Tenuta

Posted by blahedo at 4:19pm on 26 Sep 2004
What happens if you send it back with 'free lunch' applied? Do you get a coupon for a free lunch? I don't know if I want to contemplate what you get if you send it back with the 'free love' sticker attached.... Posted by kelly at 8:02pm on 26 Sep 2004
I think you'll like Utne Reader a lot, actually. It's quite good, and very left-of-center, but well done. Posted by Theresa at 8:20am on 27 Sep 2004
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