July 12, 2004


To my last post: I just tracked down the website for St Malachy, and I was not imagining the preponderance of parabolae, as see this page.

To Two Conversations: yup, they did go to school together. My mom does, in fact, know everyone.

To Taste: clearly, I stole my sister's good-train-ride karma for that night, because she had an awful time.

"No. There is no null. null is a four-letter word." --Viera Proulx

Posted by blahedo at 8:05pm on 12 Jul 2004
I am so happy that da Coach is not running for senator. Fitzgerald was hinting at an even higher office later on in a national context for him. da Prez? Scary. Celebrity seems to be a trump card over all else when it comes to getting votes. Obama is a good candidate and no routine politian that the republicans can get to run seems capable of beating him. But what happens if the repubicans can get a celebrity presidential candidate? Posted by lee at 10:31am on 15 Jul 2004
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