July 07, 2004

Two conversations

Conversation the first:

MOM: I have some numbers and I want to verify addresses.

DAD: Type "phone book" into google, or "reverse phone book". Well, try "phone book" first.

ME, FROM OTHER ROOM: Just type in the number!

KATHY: Yeah, pretty much anything not a cell, if you type in the phone number it'll find the address for you.

MOM: Hey, neat.

Conversation the second:

MOM: Hey, Don, there's one in Galesburg! Mike Mannino?

ME: Why are you looking up Mike and Molly Mannino?

MOM: You know her??

ME: Yeah, she's the advisor for the Newman Club at Knox. Do you know her?

MOM: I went to school with her!

We're still working on verifying this, but apparently they were just a couple of classes apart at a tiny Catholic grade school in Chicago. Molly's older sister was one of my mom's classmates. The alum list my mom had only had Molly's maiden name, and had the street address misspelled, and the reverse lookup on the phone number had her husband's name, but I've been to her house and the street number was correct. So, the world is really really tiny and my mom knows EVERYBODY.

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Posted by blahedo at 9:59pm on 7 Jul 2004
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