July 08, 2004

Renting a car

How to best spend my last night in Chicago? With an all-night Quantum Leap marathon, of course. The first five episodes. It was Kathy's idea, mostly... it's been ages since I've pulled an all-nighter just for the hell of it.

Now I am doing battle with online reservation forms, and I weep at the difficulty of attempting to actually rent a car. Find the nearest location to a specific address? Nope. Filter out locations that aren't open at the right times? Can't be done. In fact, almost all of the car rental places will let you get all the way through the rental before telling you that the location isn't open at the right times, without telling you which times are the invalid ones, what the actual hours of the location are, or what locations nearby might have hours that would be useful to you. And for all that renting from airport locations has massive surcharges on top of it, in a lot of cases for even just a two-day rental it would be cheaper to take a cab all the way out to the airport just to rent the car there. Not one of the car rental companies has what I would classify as a "useful" website; one or two manage to not be openly hostile. How on earth do these people make money?

"I'll take the pig. You keep the girl." --Sam Beckett, Quantum Leap

Posted by blahedo at 9:44am on 8 Jul 2004
Insurance. Posted by lee at 11:21pm on 9 Jul 2004
How on earth do these people make money?

They're used to Windows... ;-) Posted by Jeff Potter at 7:40pm on 11 Jul 2004
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