April 17, 2004


The other day, I'd left Nutmeg alone for maybe seven hours---longer than usual---and so of course when I got home he really wanted to go out. We did, and the neighbourhood kids converged on him instantly. He sort of ran his shoulder into the ground, like he kind of wanted to roll over and let them pet him, and kind of not. One of the kids asked what was wrong with him, and I said he probably just needed to go to the bathroom. Sure enough, the kids eventually got him on his back and started petting him, and he managed to release a stream of urine that arced over his head, narrowly missing the kids. Then they let us go over to the other side of the yard to take care of business. And you know what? Now they don't pester us immediately after we hit the door. Overall, I consider the whole thing a positive learning experience.

The worms came back on Thursday, and this morning I gave him the second dose of the worm medicine. Hopefully, that's the end of that.

This morning, on our walk, we saw a snake! It was the first time I'd ever seen one in person, aside from at a zoo or that one time the animal guy came to our school when I was in junior high. Maybe about a centimetre in diameter, and it would have been about two feet long if it stretched out, I think. I didn't really get a good look at its markings, because I was busy pulling Nutmeg back and walking on, and fortunately it wasn't aggressive or anything. Freaked me out, though.

And finally, just now, he fell off the back of the couch. After I stopped laughing, I pulled him out. He's now rather reticent on laying down up there, although he still wants to be able to see, so he gets in the weirdest positions. :)

"The gay community can do nothing 'for gay youth', other than keep our hands off 'em." --Dan Savage

Posted by blahedo at 10:32pm on 17 Apr 2004
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