April 17, 2004

The real Inspector Hound

One of the Studio Theatre plays this term is The real Inspector Hound, by Tom Stoppard, which I just saw tonight. (Trivium: this play's first US performance was at Brown, in 1970. Neat!) This play is so meta it just hurts your brain to think about it. I can't even really say anything else about it without giving away more than I'd like. It was well done, although much as in Lysistrata, there were a few people who would have been much funnier if they'd played it just a tad straighter.

Oh, and a command performance by Jason Cascio, as Higgs.

"The most reliably anti-gay, anti-gay-marriage folks out there are over sixty, and thank God, they're going to die." --Dan Savage

Posted by blahedo at 10:07pm on 17 Apr 2004
"The Real Inspector Hound" was part of the Spring 2000 One-Acts at IMSA. I laughed so hard I really made an ass of myself, but it's a hilarious play. Posted by Michael Feltes at 3:31pm on 18 Apr 2004
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