April 04, 2004


Yesterday as I was taking Nutmeg for his morning walk, I made a discovery. I went to clean up after him, and sitting there were about three little worms. They looked like angel-hair pasta or something; about two or three inches long, maybe a millimetre in diameter, and definitely round. Ugh. So, after I got back to the house, I called the vet and asked about it.

Since I had just administered his heartworm medication on Thursday evening, that probably made a few of them let go, and that's how I discovered them. But to really get them out of his system I needed to give him some roundworm medication---1cc of banana-flavoured medicine that I have to put in his mouth with a funky syringe thing, once now and once in two weeks. Subsequently, the heartworm medication I give him once a month should keep away any further infestation.


"Apple doesn't support the plus sign." --Apple tech support

Posted by blahedo at 4:07pm on 4 Apr 2004
I hear eating pig's intestinal parasites is now reccommended. Look up diet of worms on google news. Posted by lee at 5:22am on 8 Apr 2004
You know, I was almost positive that this was an elabourate gag to get me to type "diet of worms" into Google and go "oh duh". But sure enough, it's for real. Huh. Posted by blahedo at 2:11pm on 8 Apr 2004
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