April 02, 2004

He was just BAD.

I know that a lot of people seem to think Marlon Brando is an amazing actor; he's an emblem of a generation, yadda yadda yadda. I haven't really seen him in much of anything, so I never was really able to judge. Last December when I was visiting Matt one of his housemates was watching On the Waterfront, and I started sort of watching it, but it was just too painful. Brando sucked. He was reciting his lines and giving the audience no connection whatsoever. Bad bad bad. So I figured, he's probably overrated, but maybe this just wasn't one of his best.

I just read that not only was that one of his Oscar nominations, he actually won the Academy Award. Unbelievable.

'In its heyday, "hussy" was the sort of noun that attracted intensifiers ---any woman worth labeling a "hussy" would almost certainly, upon closer examination, turn out to be a "brazen hussy," a "shameless hussy," or at least a "bold hussy."' --Evan Morris

Posted by blahedo at 9:30pm on 2 Apr 2004
Brando is to acting as Hemmingway is to writing, IMHO. Posted by lee at 4:15am on 3 Apr 2004
Yes! That's it exactly. Well, I mean, I haven't *read* Hemingway, but I know him by reputation, and his reputation is an exact match for my experience of Brando. Posted by blahedo at 10:16am on 3 Apr 2004
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