March 01, 2004

Great site

I just discovered WavSource, which has little audio clips from all over 20th century American pop culture. It's great. I wish I could think of some way to make use of it!

"To the Democratic party: I don't work for you. You work for me. I've got something /you/ want. You want my vote, you fucking woo me. You explain what you're going to do that I want you to do if I help put you in power. Don't even try to guilt-trip me by calling a candidate that deals with issues that I care about a "spoiler," because I'll be out the door faster than you can say "four more years," assholes." --Neal Groothuis

Posted by blahedo at 6:04pm on 1 Mar 2004
Dave, you ignorant slut. Of course that's what I was doing. Posted by blahedo at 8:57pm on 1 Mar 2004
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