February 29, 2004

Dean redux

The Washington Post has a very interesting article on what went on in the Dean campaign over the last few months.

In other news, Dean for America is planning to announce on 18 March what its plans for the future are. I can't wait!

"Advocating civil unions for all... is instead undercutting the homophobe's diversionary tactics and forcing the debate to focus on the issues. In other words, the debate comes to whether the legal benefits of marriage can be denied to homosexual partners, instead of blathering about whether someone's sanctity is all up in a bunch." --Eric Blau

Posted by blahedo at 2:25pm on 29 Feb 2004
It was an interesting article, but I'm hesitant to take it as gospel truth. For example, it does leave out how horrible the Iowa ads were. Posted by Kimmitt at 5:39pm on 29 Feb 2004
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