January 26, 2004

Homework grading

Do you think it would it be too terribly passive-aggressive to take the homeworks that people handed in unstapled, shuffle the pages, and hand them all back separately and in random order, claiming to have "accidentally" dropped the pile on the way to class?

Oh, pooh. Who asked you anyway?

"I think Kerry's major appeal must be to the "I have a funny feeling about Bush but I don't really want anything else to change" demographic. Which could be significant." --Brent Spillner

Posted by blahedo at 4:49am on 26 Jan 2004
I think it's a brillant idea. Then again, I always staple my stuff. Posted by drlynn at 12:13am on 28 Jan 2004
I try to avoid this problem entirely by editing multipage works down to a single page. Posted by alepkin at 9:38pm on 7 Feb 2004
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