January 25, 2004

Carl Sandburg

Today I went and spent some time down at the Carl Sandburg Birthplace Museum on 3rd Street. He was a pretty cool guy---hardcore socialist, which I hadn't known. I really should put his Lincoln biography on my to-read list (all six volumes(!) of it).

I continue to be annoyed at people who describe Dean's outburst after the Caucus as "a scream", "a tantrum", or "anguished". I mean, these people obviously were not watching the same speech I was. I saw it that night, and I've seen it several times since, and it was obviously not anguished, clearly he was exhilarated and excited. It was the sort of yell or cheer one makes at a pep rally; which, strangely enough, was exactly where he was. Even if you hear the scream out of context, it's a long stretch to say it sounds upset. (At least it's getting him a lot of screen time. No press is bad press, eh?)

"Googling suggests that mplayer is the answer (as it is to most questions for which emacs or perl are not the answer)." --Zach Miller

Posted by blahedo at 8:13pm on 25 Jan 2004
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