December 30, 2003

Six day party

Friday night: arrive, eat potluck dinner, sit around and talk until 2 in the morning.

Saturday: Get up around 10:30, head over to Loomis with Chris and Brian to play D&D online, missing the first part of the moviefest. Head back around 2:30am to catch Pirates of the Caribbean, Say Anything, and The Score. All good; Pirates surprisingly so! Go to bed for nap about 9am Sunday.

Sunday: Get up about 11:30, shower, and drive over to St Pat's for Mass. Nice little church---seems to take all the stuff I liked about Manning and put them into a more churchy sort of church. Stop at Schnuck's on the way back to pick up soda and snacks. Arrive back at the house about 1:30 and bum around until the gaming begins. Play assorted games, including Illuminati which I've been looking to learn for years now, and Dune which lasts a surprising nine and a half hours; go to bed about 7:30am.

Monday: Roll out of bed in the early afternoon, start to check email and instead get dragged into a game of Puerto Rico, which is totally the coolest and best executed game I've seen in a long time. I take a shower and then launch into a game of Carcassonne with all expansions. After that the drinking started, and we played a bunch of rounds of Ping Pong (where I did way better than I remember doing before), a game of The Game of REAL Life, a Life parody that is really funny with about twelve people playing teams. :) Then, another game of Illuminati and I retire to Jonathan's couch where I watch a movie called Jesus' Son (nothing to do with Jesus, really bizarre; I *think* I liked it) and then go to sleep.

Tuesday: This morning I woke up around one to a mostly empty house---most people had gone on a Perkins run. And now everybody's up and about and cleaning and rearranging the house for the music party tonight.

It's really a great party. It's all-ages: there've been a sixteen-year-old and a nine-year-old here for a lot of it, and at least one of the attendees is over forty. And it just keeps going! It'll be sad when it ends. :(

"Congratulations! No penis." --Scott Harris

Posted by blahedo at 2:55pm on 30 Dec 2003
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