December 26, 2003

Christmas redux

Overall good. People started arriving on Christmas Eve around 6:30, we had hackepeter and shrimp and then a great sweets table. Continuing his pattern of beating me to the punch and doing my research for me, Dad got me a nice receiver and speaker set, which resolves my TV issues and gives me a good system for watching movies (now I need to start watching more movies). Kathy got a Gamecube, which of course made me jealous; in a grand Christmas Eve tradition the two of us stayed up late in the night playing with the new game console. (I stayed up later than her---playing the original Legend of Zelda. Awesome.)

Christmas was Christmas: we went to Mass, came home and got ready for dinner (well, I took a nap), which we ate around 4:30. After everyone else left, Lee and Kelly brought out Carcassonne, which is what I'd given them, and we played that until 3 in the morning. Great game.

And now I'm packing up my stuff to head down to Urbana for the six-day NYEpalooza bash. Woo!

"Giving a reception for your intimates to meet your baby is a beautiful idea, provided that you do not attempt to make it a pseudo-christening. Hopelessly irreligious people should have the courage of their lack of convictions." --Miss Manners

Posted by blahedo at 2:29pm on 26 Dec 2003
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