December 08, 2003


Got up around 10 and got a ride in to Brown, arriving about 10:45. I wanted to go to Mass at noon and didn't envision myself extricating myself from the department that quickly, so I just grabbed breakfast at Au Bon Pain for a while, then headed over to Faunce and killed time by reading Friday's BDH.

After Mass, I ended up going to Taste of India with Fr Bodah and Theresa, where we chatted for about an hour and a half. Back at school, I went to Health Services and got my records transferred, and then headed back to 166 Cushing, where I chilled with Sam and Claudia for a little while before heading to the Department Tea at 5, where I managed to walk in in the middle of a story being told about me. So I was standing in there talking about my first term teaching and Eugene walks by (on his way out, with his coat on); I noticed him go, and Sharon and a couple other people laughed that he'd sort of obliviously walked past, and about ten seconds later he popped back into the doorway as it clicked that however normal my voice was around the department, it'd been a while since it had been there... I promised to stop by tomorrow to talk to him. After tea, I checked my email and deleted over 4000 pieces of spam that had accumulated in my CS account in the last month, then got dinner at Asian Paradise with Tomer and Will (a first-year grad student).

After dinner I met a bunch of people at Meeting Street and then headed back to 166 where we popped popcorn and watched the finale of Average Joe (no lie). I remain bewildered as to the point of that particular reality show---a twist a few weeks ago was that they introduced four "hunks" to compete with the remaining four "joes", but there was apparently no disincentive whatsoever against just picking the hunks. Odd.

And now although it's only 11:45, I'm exhausted and going to bed. I hope I'm not coming down with what everyone else has. If it is, I hope it's a cold and not a fever, because I've sure been feeding it.

"I've got nothing against the people of America, but when they put their collective power and opinions together into a single entity, they become one giant greedy self-righteous asshole." --Jonathan Prykop

Posted by blahedo at 10:48pm on 8 Dec 2003
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