December 08, 2003

LONG day

I got up and sang at church today, which was nice as I saw a bunch of people that don't go on Saturdays (including Robby, who is now walking!). Then I booked it over to T.F.Green to learn this performance choreography. Turns out it was to a song called "Mr. Santa", based on "Mr. Sandman", one of my longtime favourites. But it's, like, 15% faster than a standard quickstep. And there was a lot of choreography to learn... we worked on it for about an hour and a half and then got lunch.

We were going to go down to the Biltmore at 3 to check out the dance floor, but although Marissa claimed to have a shovel in her car, she did not in fact have a shovel in her car, which was a problem. Someone said Providence had gotten 22 inches of snow in the past few days (seems high---I'd guess about 15-18). Anyway, Marissa finally borrowed a shovel from a store down the street and Dave and Angie and I (mostly Dave) shovelled her out. We got to the Biltmore at 3:30 and the parking garage's ticket machine was broken---we had to wait for someone to come out and remove the gate and hand us an "equipment failure" card with the time handwritten on it. We practiced a bit, and then left around 5.

I grabbed some Spike's and ate dinner and just chilled out for a while (nearly took a nap; probably should've) before leaving for the thing. I was a bundle of nerves, but it ended up fine. I missed a bunch of the choreography, but faked it effectively. And I was dancing in an honest-to-God Santa suit, which made up for a lot. :)

I could've stayed and danced for a while, but I didn't want to stay in the suit because (being all polyester) I was roasting to death. And the nicest clothes I'd brought with me were a blue oxford shirt and khakis, which was a few steps down from the next-least-formal attire there, so although welcome I would've felt out of place.

I took the opportunity to come visit Greg and Carrie, and I'm staying the night here... for the last half hour I've been watching their kitten rapturously play with an old heel tap she found somewhere, and it's terribly amusing. ;)

"Every moment someone hangs out with their neighbors is a moment they aren't watching TV is a moment they are closer to the realization that other people are humans too." --Zach Miller

Posted by blahedo at 12:13am on 8 Dec 2003
I'm trying to imagine you in a santa suit, and I can't. Posted by Adam at 12:32pm on 8 Dec 2003
Heh. There are pictures. I may post them at some point. Posted by blahedo at 11:25pm on 8 Dec 2003
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