December 01, 2003

Weekend update

Thursday was Thanksgiving at the Fischers; Friday we had Patricia and Maura (and Kiera!) over and later Kathy hosted a party for her friends; and Saturday we had Lee and Vern and Kelly (and Loren!) over. And today I drove back to Galesburg. Mostly by accident caught a show on CMT called "Crossroads" (apparently this is a series) that had Melissa Etheridge and Dolly Parton performing each other's songs and being interviewed. Dolly is really clever, and really talented. She's also, like, 60, not that you'd know it to look at her---her performing career has already spanned almost forty years, and she's still going!

Knitting observation: Damn, but worsted-weight wool knits up fast. I've been doing mostly socks lately, and I didn't realise just how fast I'd gotten at this.

Article of the day: an army reservist is accused of insubordination for pointing out that his orders violate federal law. (It's clear that the higher-ups knew this, because rather than just issuing the orders they tried to require members of the unit to sign a waiver first....)

Qui bibit, bis orat
(He who drinks, prays twice)
-St. O'Gustine (--Pat Duggan)

Posted by blahedo at 1:56am on 1 Dec 2003
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