November 27, 2003


Remember that tomorrow is International Buy Nothing Day. If you have been getting fed up with how consumerist our society has become, join this protest by... not buying anything. That's it! All you have to do is purchase nothing tomorrow (Friday, day after Thanksgiving). Yes, we know that's when the stores put some of the sales. If you don't agree with the premise, fine, but don't you dare tell me "I'd participate except that it's inconvenient".

In any case, happy Thanksgiving!

"I don't feel quite as cute as i used to be, but ah well, we all become hairy old men, even women." --Christopher Baldwin

Posted by blahedo at 11:41am on 27 Nov 2003
You know, this makes really rather little sense. If you're just deferring purchases you were going to make anyway, you're only harming yourself and benefitting the very people you're supposedly protesting against: they're going to end up selling you the same thing, and you'll just end up paying more for it. So, yeah, I don't agree with the premise. Posted by kelly at 3:48pm on 27 Nov 2003
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