November 10, 2003

West Wing redeems itself

I finally got around to watching last Wednesday's West Wing. I had been complaining that it wasn't its old self lately, too slow paced and just kind of "enh". Well, the ending to this last episode blew me away. Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that CJ's speech was awesome (she should so get the supporting actress Emmy), and then that bit at the end with Donna---there's a silver lining (both for Josh and for the viewers) that makes this whole Idaho flap worth it, and reminded me of why I started watching the show. As Toby has been fond of pointing out lately, they've gotten off-message; here's their chance!

After I flipped off the video, I saw yet another man-raised-by wolves commercial. First Quizno's, now some SUV company. This one's made a lot better, but still---a disturbing trend.

"Ah, but do spike trains care about you?" --Mijail Serruya

Posted by blahedo at 11:29pm on 10 Nov 2003
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