November 08, 2003

That was Nickel Creek!

The other day I noticed that the Apple music store had an album of old Dolly Parton from 1968---her first, as it happens---and I checked it out. Ended up buying it and listening to some of her other stuff; she's really a good singer, you know that?

Anyway, so just now I had the TV on in the background and I noticed that she was singing, so I wandered over. The song sounded kind of familiar---it was a cover of Collective Soul's "Shine". Not that you'd know it wasn't country to start with; they did a great job on it. And as the video goes on, I'm thinking, geez, that fiddler looks an awful lot like the fiddler from Nickel Creek. Maddeningly, she never is in shot for quite long enough for me to confirm this. And then I see that their mandolin player is definitely the one from Nickel Creek. Didn't see the guitarist, though. After the video, the VJ commented on their presence (didn't explain it, just commented). Awesome.

"If you think about it long enough, you'll see that it's obvious." --Saul Gorn

Posted by blahedo at 11:36am on 8 Nov 2003
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