November 07, 2003


The Knox Jazz Ensemble is pretty darn good. They just had their fall concert tonight in Kresge, and it was highly enjoyable. (The highlight for me was when the guy on bari sax stood up, set down his saxophone, walked to the mike and started playing harmonica. I need to ask somebody whether that was unplanned or what, because the conductor actually looked a little surprised.)

Now I really need to clean up my apartment, maybe break down a few more boxes, before my parents arrive tomorrow morning. Ugh. I've totally lost steam on the whole "unpacking" thing, and now I really need to just finish it, but... ugh.

"Maybe not foie gras, but I'd go for a roquefort machine in the basement of my building." --Joe Shidle

Posted by blahedo at 9:53pm on 7 Nov 2003
My sister was up there! Posted by Kevin at 2:37am on 8 Nov 2003
Awesome. I remember seeing her (there aren't that many girls in the KJE, and only one trumpeter); did she have a solo? Gosh there are a lot of IMSA folks and IMSA relatives here. Posted by blahedo at 11:06am on 8 Nov 2003
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