November 06, 2003

Goodbye, Earl!

Man, the video for the Dixie Chicks' song Goodbye, Earl is just so great. I feel a little bad liking the song so much, considering it's all about killing a guy (...who was a serious abuser, though, so arguably had it coming). Probably it's appealing to my "total disconnect between song topic and song style" aesthetic, to which I also attribute much of my interest in TMBG.

On the topic of music videos, though, there are maybe five that get vastly more play on VH1 Country than any others; much like any radio station, I suppose. If you count Dixie Chicks songs together, they'd certainly be a sixth. Thing is, there must be about ten or fifteen of their songs in the regular rotation, more than anybody else. And they're all good. I'm still seeing "new" ones (to me) regularly, several months after I started watching country videos. These guys are awesome.

"He was not especially persecuted, Sweden is a tolerant country, and Jansson not a serious symptom, but he determined to make the time-honored gesture of emigrating to a country where 'he could worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience'; his followers, of course, being expected to permit their leader's conscience to do all the dictating, also according to formula." --Earnest Elmo Calkins, They Broke the Prairie (1937)

Posted by blahedo at 11:49pm on 6 Nov 2003
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