October 10, 2003


Good heavens, there's some hard-core fog out there right now. Between that and the empty streets, I feel like I'm in some old early-90s video game, where the maximum rendered distance is too low. It's really cool, though. I don't even remember fog this thick in Providence.

"To all the West Coasties (IMSAn, ISUn or otherwise), who've ever made snide remarks about Midwestern conservatism in my presence, I have a brief message: ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER WAS JUST ELECTED GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA. SUCK IT." --Fred Iutzi

Posted by blahedo at 1:57am on 10 Oct 2003
It really was beautiful. I wish we could have more like it. Peferably when I have my camera handy and can sleep outside. mmm.... sleeping outside.... Posted by drlynn at 12:09am on 11 Oct 2003
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