October 08, 2003


As you all know, I'm getting me a Mini. Part of the preliminaries for that are getting financing, insurance, and so forth, and for that you get something called a "purchase order", with details of the car including its VIN. Now, when I ordered the car, I didn't get a printout of the details, because (he said) it would've been identical to the printout I got from the Mini site myself. When it came time to get the purchase order, I called, and I didn't need it instantly so I just had him mail it. Except, he forgot, so then he was going to fax it to me. This morning, I picked up the fax, and it occurred to me that this was the first printed documentation I'd received from Mini.

It said, among other things, "TRIM: Black".

I think my heart actually stopped.

What was I going to do? I'm sinking $20K in this thing, so I want it to be the one I ordered---blue and white. Would they have to order another one? Aagh. And today was my rep's day off. I fired off an email anyway, but couldn't worry about it because I needed to do other things.

So I got back to my office after class today and called the dealership. Got through to a manager, who said: "Oh, 'trim' means interior." I can't even express how relieved I was.

"Yeah, I never realized what fun it would be to do interviews until I remembered how neurotic, self-important and generally unable to converse in a relaxed casual way law students are." --Jonathan Wagner

Posted by blahedo at 3:34pm on 8 Oct 2003
Heh. There was a cover letter circulating a while ago in which a 3L looking for a job basically said he'd work 100 hours a week, have no wife, no girlfriend, whatever it took, and we were talking about that. I don't think the comment applies to law students who've actually had a chance to chill out in the real world for a few years. I'd never call you any of those things, Paul. ;) Posted by blahedo at 6:18pm on 9 Oct 2003
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