August 31, 2002

The computer saga continues... So

The computer saga continues...

So I went home yesterday to check on the 10.2 installation. Oddly, the computer was off---I figured maybe it had shut down after completing the install? But no, I hit the power button and nothing happened. It was off and it wouldn't come back on. Great. So I went over to Hilary's computer and killed some Babylonians.

This morning the situation was, of course, unchanged. I figured I'd have to send the darn thing in again. But then it dawned on me: what if the power cord were dead somehow? If the battery couldn't charge, and the computer couldn't go to sleep (because it was in install mode), then it would eventually have a hard shutdown. When it does this, you can't turn it back on until his has a power cord plugged in. But if the power cord is dead... I pressed the button on the battery that lights up LEDs to show how full the battery is. It appeared to be dead. Aha!

So I came in to the CIT and found Rob, who has an iBook, to borrow his power cord. And indeed, the computer booted right up. It started installing 10.2 from scratch, so I'm guessing that the hard shutdown occurred in the middle of the install before. At least it hasn't complained so far---something like that could completely hose the system if you're not careful.

It's installing now. One hour and 36 minutes to go.

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