September 03, 2002

It installed, it works. Power

It installed, it works. Power consumption's lower under 10.2, too---a full charge gets me over three hours at max brightness, and nearly four at low brightness. I've made use of that fact over the weekend, since I can't recharge my battery. :)

I called Apple this morning, and they're overnighting me a new AC adaptor. I'm pleased to get one that works, and I really like the LED ring on the plug that shows the state of the charging, but I'm sad that it won't match my computer anymore. Oh well.

In Civ3-land, I feel like I've learned a lot. I ended the game where I was China, and discovered during the replay that my biggest mistake was not expanding fast enough. Not beating up the Babylonians early was also a problem---I let that drag out much too long. But possibly the biggest problem was one of luck: there were three continents, and the one I was on had four civs, and couldn't reach either of the other two until we had ocean-going vessels; meanwhile India had a whole continent to himself, and Japan had more than half of the remaining one, and they could move between themselves already with just sea-going vessels. I feel I did good, considering. I started a new game, and now I'm Iroquois, which is fun---but get this, I'm sharing a continent with the Babylonians again! Growing much faster this time, though, so I should have a better time of it.

Classes have started, and everyone's bustling about again; Providence has returned to its slightly dreary overcast light drizzle that it maintains for most of the academic year. Ah, I love my ivory tower, and I will be sad to leave it.

"Suckiness has many orders. Lots of people filter on higher-ordered suckiness factors, like how they perceive the tone of your posts, or whether or not you've demonstrated due diligence in researching their areas of expertise. The thinking goes: if these factors flag suckiness, probably first-order suckiness is also indicated." --Thien-Thi Nguyen Posted by blahedo at 1:02pm on 3 Sep 2002

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