October 31, 2002

On the way to dance

On the way to dance practice this morning, I passed the Brown-RISD Hillel building. It's under renovation right now; boy howdy. Gives new meaning to the term "gutting": there are some of those supports like they use to move houses, to hold up the second floor---and nothing else! All of the original supports holding up the second floor are gone, along with the top few feet of the first floor wall. As in, you can see right through the building and the only thing connecting the ground to the second floor is the house-lifting supports. Quite a sight.

"Those who ignore the dictates of domestic etiquette will have ample opportunity to try the full range of legal and psychiatric solutions, as home life is bound to get worse." --Miss Manners Posted by blahedo at 4:42pm on 31 Oct 2002

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