October 31, 2002

DONE. Well, sort of. All

DONE. Well, sort of. All the clothing pieces are finished. Now I get to start on the accessories. :)

Incidentally, now all three of my housemates have wandered past my room to ask if I was still working on my costume (as if me hunched over the sewing machine wasn't clue enough) and to tell me I'd better hurry up (as if I didn't know that). Me, I think they were just trying to sneak a peek at the costume, which I still haven't told anyone what it was. Except, inexplicably, my sister.

"The following story contains graphic violence not suitable for anyone. Parental guidance is suggested. Or you can just staple the kid's eyelids shut. That's not suggested, the parental guidance thingy is suggested, but we can't deny that staples are a timesaver." --Pete Abrams, Sluggy Freelance Posted by blahedo at 5:26pm on 31 Oct 2002

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