December 03, 2002

Aaagh. Last night, Shriram walked


Last night, Shriram walked into my office to tell me that he'd finished writing my recs and would send them off today. "!", I thought, since the first of my applications had been due the 22nd, two were openended, and another three or so were supposed to arrive by the first. But what can I say? It's not like at this point he could get them in any faster. I did think, however, to go confirm that Eugene had sent his---and he hadn't (though it was "very high on his list", which I assume means "I forgot that some of the deadlines were early, but I'll do it tomorrow morning"). Putting me in the position of sending a letter to the schools with passed deadlines and telling them why my application isn't complete. It's not like I didn't give them warning: I first asked all four recommenders at the end of October; then I gave them the list of addresses on 8 November; then I reminded them on the 15th. Fortunately, Mark sent his out around then and Polly a few days later, so at least it won't look like I didn't ask the profs until too late. (Actually, it mostly just looks like computer scientists are procrastinators, which is not the most untrue statement in the world, although I'd like to think that I'd get something as important as a rec out on time....)

In other news, some jackass spammed an obscene email about me to a list of 400 or so people in the CS department, via an open relay in China. Irritating.

Oh, and I'm finally no longer on the Brown homepage, though I was as recently as last night. Oh well, eight days is a pretty good run. :)

"When the astronauts take a leak while on a mission and expel the result into space, it boils violently. The vapor then passes immediately into the solid state (a process known as desublimation), and you end up with a cloud of very fine crystals of frozen tinkle. It is by such humble demonstrations that great scientific truths are conveyed." --Cecil Adams Posted by blahedo at 1:20pm on 3 Dec 2002

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