December 03, 2002

WOOOOO HOOOOOO! It turns out


It turns out that the problem with CivIII on my computer had nothing at all to do with being a TiBook and everything to do with my installing it on a UFS-formatted drive. When I transferred it to an HFS+ drive, it worked just fine under either System 9 or X. Except that it wouldn't load save files from the main screen; but it would load save files from within a running game, so I can start a nonce game whenever I want to load up another one. I called in both fixes to the tech support line---they seemed surprised that I would bother calling when I didn't actually need assistance, but they thanked me. :)

"And her face is like a potato only in that it's not anything like a potato." --Kevin Price Posted by blahedo at 4:29pm on 3 Dec 2002

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