January 25, 2003

Oops. I thought that I

Oops. I thought that I would add Albion College to my list of schools I was applying to---something about eggs and baskets and all that---and I'd planned to send in my app today to arrive for a 28 January deadline. Just checked, and the deadline is actually the 24th. Oh well. Like I said, the Knox thing went pretty well, and I still have a few schools to visit, and I haven't even heard from a couple of the ones I applied to.

And hey, if I manage to not get a job for next year, maybe I could take a year off and travel. That's one of my few regrets about my direct progression from high school to college and then grad school---never got a chance to do something crazy like fly to Europe and wander around until I ran out of money, which is what my housemate Hilary is doing right now (well, she leaves next week). And hey again, I bet I could spend a few more weeks visiting the Kimmitts. Again. In Hawai`i. (Did I mention I was in Hawai`i last week? 'Cause I was. Mahalo for understanding.)

Hm, I'm really rambling now. Gotta stop doing that. I should go to bed.

(Originally wrote this at 3am yesterday, but AT&T cable service conked out and they still haven't fixed it, and I had to go over to Lee's house to post this. :P)

"Every election we're more liberal in how conservative we allow our moderates to be." --Zach Miller Posted by blahedo at 1:58am on 25 Jan 2003

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