January 30, 2003

I'm tickled that when Dave

I'm tickled that when Dave "Dr Single" Singleton decided to start blogging, he decided to put quotes at the end of each entry. And he's admitted to reading this blog (Hi!), so I have to assume there was some influence there. :)

Anyway, I'm back in Providence after a month and a half of nationwide hijinks. To recap, I drove home in mid-December, did the family Xmas stuff, went to a four-day mega-party (involving gaming, sushi, and an actual New Year's Eve party) in Champaign-Urbana that I've dubbed NYEpalooza in the faint hope that the name will stick, drove back home for a few days, then to IMSA where I taught a conlang intersession for a week, then immediately flew to Honolulu to visit Mike and Tami for a week, then flew back and geared up for a couple of job interviews, from the second of which I departed directly for Providence, arriving today (well, yesterday now) at noon.

I'd also like to note that I used the grammatically correct but dreadfully awkward phrase "from the second of which" in that last paragraph, primarily so I could preserve the whole thing as a single run-on sentence. This probably has a lot to do with it being one in the morning, not that that's all that late.

Anyway, I have a lengthy summary of observations from my week at IMSA, which I do mean to post soon, and dozens of pictures from Hawaiʻi, which I hope to at least intersperse with some narrative before putting them online. We'll see, I guess. But now that I'm back at school, I'm going to try to get back to this blog's glory days of one-a-day updates.

He ʻOLE WĀWAE koʻu. Posted by blahedo at 1:12am on 30 Jan 2003

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