February 05, 2003

I've been downloading more stuff

I've been downloading more stuff for my Mac, and it is so sweet. In addition to uControl and Virtual Desktop, I grabbed WeatherPop (which displays the current temperature and weather in my menubar, with a pull-down showing the 5-day forecast) and PTHiTunesNotifier (which lets me make hotkeys for playing, pausing, and forward-skipping iTunes, as well as popping up a little semi-transparent window with the name of each new song that comes on, and a hotkey to let me pop that up again at will). And in a fit of virtuosity, I went ahead and registered VirtualDesktop and WeatherPop, as well as OmniWeb (which last I've been meaning to register for well over a year now).

And I finally got some reading done to get back into my linguistics stuff. It's hard, starting up again after a two-month hiatus. Well, I'm going to be spending four hours on a plane tomorrow (to Northfield, MN, to interview at Carleton), maybe I can get something done then.

"Our English language is, after all, the end product of an informal committee made up of several hundred million people over the course of several centuries, and it shows." --Evan Morris Posted by blahedo at 2:02am on 5 Feb 2003

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