February 12, 2003

I have so much to

I have so much to write about over the last week, but I've spent all evening playing Starcraft and now I'm going to go to bed. The short version: flew out to Minnesota last week to interview at Carleton; got up at 6 Saturday because I promised I'd drive people to the comp at BU---but I just asked Dave to drive my car instead, which he did, leaving me a day to sleep and work (mostly sleep, as it turned out); flew out to Ohio on Sunday for an interview at Wooster, and then flew back last night. The snow seems to follow me around---every place I interviewed, it snowed while I was there, and in two of the places it was unusually heavy for that area. Suits me fine, I like the stuff. And it's amazing what airplanes can take off and land in these days.

To sign off, I'll give a link to another blog, run by language hat. Lots of little linguistic tidbits, right up my alley. (And he seems to have found my blog, and referenced it when I tiraded on the pronunciation of "nuclear" last week. :)

"As for your second question, we must point out that, scientifically speaking, animals always do it for fun. The only critters who do it because they have to are Catholics." --Cecil Adams Posted by blahedo at 1:32am on 12 Feb 2003

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