March 05, 2003

Why haven't I posted in

Why haven't I posted in a while? Boy howdy have I been busy.

  • Saturday, I danced at the Yale comp. That was fun, if a little odd---though the venue was otherwise fantastic, we were dancing on a polished concrete floor! Just asking for shin splints, really. Anyway, I got callbacks in silver samba/jive with Marissa, which was sort of exciting, and in the team match where Carrie and I were dancing American tango. (And the team placed sixth, so Carrie and I must've done a few things right!) Dave continued to have the magic touch (probably has something to do with all that practicing he does), and ribboned in all but one event, taking home at least one ribbon of each colour. The only events he didn't place in were tango/foxtrot, in which someone stepped on his foot and knocked him over (he bounced!); and the same-sex cha-cha, which was mostly because the floor was so damn crowded and we kept running into people. Ah well.
  • Sunday I managed to while away the day at Matt and Pat's suite---after talking after Mass for an hour we headed there at 12:30 for brunch, and I ended up not leaving until almost 4! Funny I call it Matt and Pat's suite---that is how I think of it, but that day Pat wasn't even there, and Matt kept going off to drive people places, so I had a lovely afternoon mostly talked to Seth and Michael (who doesn't even live there). Then I got home and I needed to work.
  • And work.
  • And work. See, I'm trying to get back into working on my linguistics thesis, so this week I was trying to get a few pages written on the related work. In addition, there is a conference deadline this Friday that I really need to get something written for.
  • Also, I'm going to Harvard this weekend. Last semester, my interest was starting to fade, and I didn't mind going to comps but didn't want to put a lot of practice time in. This semester I'm totally psyched and want to put in all this practice, but I just don't have time. ARGH.
  • As if that all weren't enough, this weekend is also the recruiting weekend for the CS department, where we fly in a couple dozen prospective grad students and try to show them why we think Brown is so cool. I actually ran the weekend for the first two years we had it, and then helped out significantly the last two as FGL, but this year I've been too busy. It makes me sad. :(

So, yeah. I've been busy.

"It's hard to come up with a single journalist/pundit appearing on television who is even remotely as far to the left of the mainstream spectrum as most of these conservatives are to the right. To find the same combination of conviction, partisanship and ideological extremism on the far left, a network would need to convene a 'roundtable' featuring Noam Chomsky, Alexander Cockburn, Vanessa Redgrave and Fidel Castro." --Eric Alterman Posted by blahedo at 6:18pm on 5 Mar 2003

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