March 05, 2003

Today was Ash Wednesday. I

Today was Ash Wednesday. I went to Mass at noon, and as usual, it was one of the most crowded Masses all year (partially attributable to the APEX Catholics, but mostly because it had a lot of faculty and staff that go to their home parishes on weekends). And yet, rather to my surprise, I ran into no less than three people who had never seen that before, never heard of it, and (this probably goes without saying) thought it was bizarre. One was from mainland China, so I can at least assume that she hasn't met very many Catholics in her life; but the other two were from Seattle and New Zealand, both of which have a reasonably hefty Catholic population. Maybe they just weren't paying attention?

"The Yankees? Yeah, they're a baseball team. They're from the Bronx. Like me." --Dave Tucker
"And J Lo, too." --Yana Kucheva Posted by blahedo at 9:01pm on 5 Mar 2003

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