April 28, 2003

MCI? Ugh.

If you hold any stock in MCI, I'd ditch it. They're resorting to sketchy underhanded tactics to make money---they switched me from 5c nights and weekends to 9c all the time, and still made me pay $4 a month for the privilege; they claim that I was notified on my February statement, but the statement itself says nothing and oddly enough February is the only email notification I'm missing for the last year and a half. Hmm. Anyway, it wasn't enough that they switched me to the expensive plan---they couldn't even do it right. One of the calls I made after the plan switched over was billed at the old rate. Nobody at MCI could figure out why. And even after I told them, "ok, I *had* been pretty happy with MCI, but you don't have any publically available plan that's even half as cheap as any of the competition"---thinking maybe they'd hand me one of the promotions they always have sitting around---they actually responded to me, "well sir, you are on a very old plan." As if that matters. As if the plan I was on wasn't the standard plan to have.

So anyway, I cancelled my MCI service and should be hooked up to Verizon long distance sometime this afternoon. AT&T may have been cheaper than Verizon in the long run, but this way I have some hope of consolidating my telecom bills.

Also, people are stupid. Consider the following calling plan, available from Verizon:

TimelessSM Plan $3.00
Keep things simple with the Timeless Plan. For just $3 a month, you get 30 minutes of domestic, direct-dialed calls to anywhere in the U.S. and its territories. And, it's just 10 for each additional minute of state-to-state long distance calling. In-state rates may vary.
Notice anything funny? For comparison, here's their basic plan:
e-ValuesSM Plan $0.00
Simple and convenient, the e-Values calling plan rewards those who sign up online. Get low, flat rates with 5 per minute weekends and 10 per minute weekdays and no monthly fees.
But really, more power to Verizon. I'm glad that plans like the "TimelessSM" plan exist---the people that pick them are subsidising my low rates. I just get pissed off when I get slammed with them against my choice.

"I still contend that the love dialogue was so bad that it was frighteningly realistic. I could so empathize with Anakin's "I gotta pull shit out of my ass to win her over because I'm such a yutz" approach." --John McFerrin Posted by blahedo at 8:14am on 28 Apr 2003

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