April 28, 2003

Draft handin

I realised this morning that I missed a perfectly good opportunity to use the word "antepenultimate" last week, as I was preparing my second-to-last thesis draft for submission to my reader. Aagh! (Today I handed in my penultimate draft---that word's almost as good.)

Chris pointed out to me that I am listed in the Knox course schedule, adding (correctly) that this is "kinda weird". :P

Also, tonight I went to Matt and Pat's thesis not-a-defenses. Sort of an informal gathering with a twenty minute summary of their work. It was nice going to talks that I actually understood all of, for a change... and there was Kabob&Curry afterwards, and I stood around and talked with various people for another hour, about bioethics but also about philosophy in general, and about AI and language processing as it applied to medical practice (I didn't bring it up! Honest!).

"Of course the flaw in this paranoid delusion is for it to work MS has to offer more than a cheap console and a bunch of crappy games. If all they have to offer for the $10 Ybox is Halo2: More shooting then the gamers will still probably flock to the PS3 with GTA4: Killing some more Hos." --Xenopax Posted by blahedo at 10:07pm on 28 Apr 2003

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