June 29, 2003

Great homily

I've been going to Church at St Francis this summer, and I like it there; but today's homily about knocked my socks off. The priest reviewed the "bad year and a half" that the Church has had, reiterating that the people involved in the scandal are not the entirety of the Church; and without a doubt, the Church would make it through this time of trouble just like it always has.

And one of the things we will need to do (he continues) is to stop saying there are things we can't or won't talk about. We need to sit down and have honest discussion about things---many things, including ministry roles for various people, including women in the priesthood, and gay priests. And we need to talk about the general role of gays and lesbians in the Church, and about sexuality and reproduction. Honestly, and without obfuscation. The gates of Hell are characterised by deceit and oppression, and the Kingdom of Heaven will always win out over these things.

Yay Church!

"I deeply resent sleep, and yet, I am only human." --Kevin Colby Posted by blahedo at 12:00pm on 29 Jun 2003

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