June 30, 2003

He's in the money

Howard Dean has raised more than $7 million this quarter. That's pretty amazing. But the best part is, over a million of that was just in the last two days---he sent out a message in the wee hours Sunday morning that he'd just passed $6M and was challenging his supporters to bring it to $6.5M by tonight. Talk about exceeding expectations! The campaign passed the $7M mark just before 10pm Eastern this evening, and it's still going---by the time the Midwest and West Coast contributions finish rolling in, not to mention all the snailmailed contributions, I fully expect it to be upwards of $7.25M. Today alone the campaign raised over three-quarters of a million dollars!

Why is this so important? The federal government will match up to $250 per donor. And many of Dr Dean's donors are in the under-$250 range, so the Fed will be paying in several million dollars into the campaign. This happens at the end of every quarter, hence the current rush to get the money in by midnight (in your own time zone) tonight. If you read this before the clock rolls over into July, contribute! If not, then at least head on over to Meetup.com and find out where this Wednesday's meetup will be in your area---find out how you can help!

"I would go back to the Clinton era of taxes because I think most Americans would gladly pay the same taxes they paid when Bill Clinton was president if they could only have the same economy that they had when Bill Clinton was president." --Howard Dean Posted by blahedo at 11:50pm on 30 Jun 2003

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