July 03, 2003

Dean, Iowegians, and Chet Atkins

The smell was impermanent, thank God.

Went to the Dean Meetup on Wednesday; we wrote letters to Iowans about how cool we think Dean is. This month's meetup was three times bigger than last month's....

By the way, has nobody but me heard the term 'Iowegian' for people from Iowa? Not terribly serious, of course, but I must've gotten it from somewhere. (The idea being, presumably, if people from Norway are Norwegians, then people from Ioway are... you get it. Doesn't hurt that a lot of people in Iowa are part Scandinavian, ethnically....)

Right now I'm listening to my latest Apple Music Store download, the album "The Essential Chet Atkins". This guy was a brilliant guitarist. I can't even classify the style---it's listed under "Country" in the AMS, but it's nothing at all like anything I've heard on any country music station, even the older stuff. Maybe this is just too old; I think it's more like a totally different style. If anything, it's more like the folk-y stuff on the "O Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack (another excellent album, of course).

"I'm not morally superior to him: I'm smarter than he is. There's a difference." --Sam Walker Posted by blahedo at 11:36pm on 3 Jul 2003

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